About Us

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Lapreen was founded in 2022. The inspiration of each collection gracefully embraces our culture’s whimsy playfulness, and colorful creativity. We are operated by a small group of people who love and are passionate about women’s fashion sandals. We decided to launch our brand first in the United States, inspired by the country’s diverse women who are beautiful, fun, and different. Our goal is to continuously create and produce new collections through stories, dreams, and fantasies.

Lapreen wishes to promote a more sustainable way of life by reducing the waste of plastic used in our manufacturing. Plastic waste generated from the production will be reused in the same process. Our products are 100% recyclable so they are easily disposed of and can be transformed into new items. Finally, proceeds from every sale will be donated to charities that help protect our oceans.

“LAPREEN” is pronounced as “La-Preen”
LA (in Thai) - Playfulness and Fun.
PREEN - Beautify and Prettify.
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